Ben Holladay


History of the Hatchery House


Many historic transactions, dating back to the Louisiana Purchase, occurred before breaking ground at the site of the Hatchery House.  The earliest of these transactions was the purchase of the land where Weston now exists through the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.  Shortly after acquisition of the land, two prominent explorers were sent out to survey the land--Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.  Lewis and Clark's reports of the new territory were motivation for many to make their way to the land, especially "traders and trappers".  Thirty-three years passed until the Platte County land was officially purchased by the Federal Government from the Iowa, Sac, Fox, Sioux and Algonquin Indians for $7,400 in 1836 (The Platte Purchase).  In 1844, the United States sold a portion of land to the town of Weston.

Just a short year later in 1845, a gentlemen named Benjamin Wood, who would eventually go on to become mayor of Weston, bought some of this land from the town of Weston and built a beautiful two story, federal styled home.  Through the years, the house changed owners several times.  Mr. Wood sold the house to Ben Holladay on April 5th 1856 for $5,000.  A few years later on August 26th 1872, Ben sold the house to his brother, David Holladay for $5,800.  David lived at the house and ran the distillery that he and his brother founded, while his brother, Ben, ventured west and gained fame from the Overland Stagecoach Company. David left the property to his sister, Mrs. Kate Bulter, in his passing in 1899.  However, Mrs. Bulter was bought out by her niece and niece's husband, Mrs. Clara Holladay Barton and Thomas Barton. The house stayed within the Barton family until 1920 when it was sold to Emma Doppler. Mrs. Doppler passed in 1936 and Herbert Doppler inherited the house. Around 1940 Herbert Doppler converted the house into apartments. Quite often, due to the inexpensive rent, newlyweds occupied the apartments. As time passed, many of these young couples conceived and had their children while living here. Consequently the townspeople coined the phrase "The Hatchery" for the "hatching" of the babies.

(Front of the Hatchery House when the Payne's acquired the property)

Mr. Glen and Mrs. Jolene Payne purchased "The Hatchery" in 1985, it was slated to be torn down before their vision.  Their vision was to renovate and restore the structure to its original form.  While the transformation took several years of hard work and determination, their work and dream, was complete. To allow others to share in this uniquely preserved house, they decided to open the home to the public in the form of a Bed & Breakfast.  The house has remained a Bed and Breakfast since with antiques collected throughout the years.


The inn is currently owned and managed by Drew and Janelle MacDonnell, who have appointed each guest room to be inviting, relaxing, and tranquil. You can enjoy fireplaces, in room Jacuzzi bathtubs, special proprietary blend coffee from the Roasterie, and local wine from Riverwood Winery. You are invited to come experience the romance, warmth, and hospitality of both the Hatchery House and Weston, Missouri.

Welcome to the Hatchery House!

*Historic information acquired through: Legends of America (Missouri Legends); Memories of Weston, Missouri--A Visual History 1837 to 1992 by Sandra Miller; and Platte County real estate records
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